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rock climbing snow canyon state park, Utah

Road Tripping Info- Southwestern Utah

By | Southern Utah

Road trips are an essential means of broadening our climbing experiences.
Travel in and of itself stretches boundaries and expands horizons. Within the context of climbing, travel heightens our sense of the experience and creates a broader, richer tapestry of awareness.  Wonderful experiences make us examine our everyday lives through a unique frame of reference and challenge us to make them better. Dismal experiences result in a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude for what we already have. Travel may make you improve as a climber, but more importantly, it allows you to grow as a human.

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snow canyon state park sunset

Snow Canyon in Three Hikes

By | Desert Environments, Geology, Hiking, Landscape, Outdoor Recreation, Southern Utah

From most of western Saint George, Utah, the swirled geology of Snow Canyon State Park dominates the northern skyline. This park includes 7,400 acres of amazing landscapes, cliffs, canyons and an almost unreal amount of untraveled backcountry very close to the major metropolitan area of St. George.  Snow Canyon state park also manages sections of the surrounding Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. The 62,000 acres of the conservation area is dedicated to the conservation of the endangered  desert tortoise, and other endemic species. The combination of conservation area and state park lands make the area’s surrounding St. George an outdoor enthusiasts dream.

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mountain biking little creek mesa

Little Creek Mesa mountain biking

By | Mountain Biking, Outdoor Recreation, Southern Utah

It is amazing that anyone ever finds this place.  A non-descript mesa in a no-man’s land of mesa’s so far down in southern Utah, that if you fell off the south side of it you would nearly land in Arizona.  But it is the maze of dirt roads that intricately lace the top of the formation that make even finding the trail head a mini adventure. No signs, kiosks, or interpretative placards provide even the slightest clue that you are at the trail head of one of the best rides in the country.  Rather it is the condition of the road that limits further motorized travel without tank tracks, as it changes from smooth 2wd gravel to bouldery slickrock 20 feet beyond the few available parking places.

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