• Guacamole Mesa trail

    Guacamole Mesa trail
    Some of the best mesa top riding in southwestern Utah
  • 2017 Video Compilation

    2017 Video Compilation
    Paragon's End-of/Best-of-the-Year Video 2017!!!
  • Thanks, Paragon Guests of 2015!

    Thanks, Paragon Guests of 2015!
    We'd like to thank our awesome, fun guests from 2015! It's been a great year and it was a pleasure sharing our playground with you. We hope to see you again next year!
  • Utah’s Mighty Five

    Utah’s Mighty Five
    Utah produced some advertisements this past year(2015) that have helped increase tourism to the state. An unintended result of this advertising campaign is an overcrowding of our National Parks. Everyone who works in the tourism industry, from guides to bell hops, are grateful for our visitors, but we want you all to have a place to go. To avoid the crowds of Utah's beautiful Mighty Five National Parks, contact Paragon Adventures. We can take you off of the beaten path and even have some secret locations that even locals don't know about, where you and your guides will be the only people you see all day.
  • Paragon Adventures Home Video

    Paragon Adventures Home Video
    Paragon Adventures Home page video of their outdoor programs they offer to the public
  • Englestead and Orderville Canyons

    Englestead and Orderville Canyons
    A descent of the epic Englestead and Orderville canyons
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