Golfing in St. George

The desert may not be the first place golfers would think to look for lush greens and undulating fairways; however located at the northeastern tip of the Mojave desert St. George, Utah is quickly changing that preconception. Travelers are usually drawn to the area for the myriad of national parks and beautiful landscapes but often find themselves making excuses to stay longer or comeback to play on one of the more than 10 courses in the area. Situated in the very southwestern corner of Utah, St. George is blessed with a very dry climate, averaging only seven inches of rain a year. While the arid environment might bring to mind sparsely vegetated sand and rock, area golf course designers have expertly woven their green tapestries into the local environment. Wonderfully entwining the more than 310 days of sunshine a year with a beautifully verdant golfing experience. Moreover, a mild winter climate helps to create the perfect atmosphere for golfing. Each local course offers its own characteristics to create a unique experience to players. From challenging bunkers and tight lies to long par fives all with beautiful vistas each player is sure to find what they are looking for.

 St. George City courses

Dixie Red Hills

The oldest course in St. George and a favorite of locals, Dixie Red Hills Golf Course is a quaint but challenging course. Located within walking distance of the heart of downtown, the 9-hole course is perfect for a quick but challenging distraction. With a name parroting the landscape of the course, the fairway and greens contrast dramatically with the radiant red backdrop. At 2,733 yards, the course makes for a quick but fun outing.

Contact phone number: (435) 627-4444

Website: Dixie Red Hills


St. George Golf Club

A favorite among golfers, the St. George Golf Club is a forgiving course, perfect for those players who may not have the perfect shot. The 7,217-yard course, while older, is perfect for those who appreciate a more classical style of golf.

Contact phone number: (435) 627-4404




Located less than five minutes from downtown St. George, Southgate Golf Course is a picture of contrasts. While water hazards and ample fairways mark the front nine, the back nine are a mirror opposite exploiting rocky elevation changes and tight lies. Despite the difficult shots, the welcoming course offers players a chance to enjoy the challenge rather than feeling as if they were suffering from the tribulation. The 18-hole course is readily walkable at only 6,270 yards.

Contact phone number: (435) 627-4440

Website: south gate golf



Highlighting 27 championship holes, Sunbrook Golf Course doesn’t shy away from challenging golfers. Mere minutes from downtown St. George, the course offers plenty of variety. From an iconic island green to challenging holes created from an ancient lava flow, this course will humble those who aren’t precise with their shots. Despite losing a few balls and coming back a little more modest than when they started golfers will love the challenge of this beautiful 10,240-yard course.

Contact phone number: (435) 627-4400



Red Rock Golf Trail

Green Spring

Located just a few minutes from St. George in Washington City, Green Spring Golf Course is the quintessence of a desert golfing experience. With canyons of rich red rock crossing the fairway, unique challenges abound on the course of 6,859 yards.

Contact phone number: (435) 673-7888

Website:  Green Spring Golf course

Coral Canyon

Contrasting with the arid desert, Coral Canyon Golf Course is a bright emerald green against a backdrop of sparse and drab vegetation. Located just 15 minutes from downtown St. George, this privately owned 18-hole par 72 course welcomes long drives with its wide fairways and 7,029-yard length.

Contact phone number: (435) 688-1700

Website: Coral Canyon Golf


Sand Hollow

With starred reviews and a national reputation, Sand Hollow Golf Course has a lot to live up to. Despite high expectations the course doesn’t disappoint. With a more than 7,000-yard championship 18-hole course as well as a links style nine-hole course there is enough variety for all levels of players. Located just outside of Hurricane, a mere 30 minute drive from St. George, the course is set with a backdrop of cliffs and canyons to challenge players to keep their ball in play.

Contact phone number: (435) 656-4653

Website: Sand Hollow Golf


The Ledges

Set above and tantalizingly close to Snow Canyon State Park The Ledges Golf Course offers breathtaking views 15 minutes from downtown St. George. Located about a thousand feet above the city, the course also offers a respite from the stifling heat of the valley. Containing a mix of wide and forgiving fairways as well as tighter, shorter holes, the course is well balanced for a variety of players. It also features a teaching academy for those looking to hone their skills. The 18-hole course comes in at 7,145 yards.

Contact phone number: (435) 634-4640

Website: The Ledges Golf 


Sky Mountain

Located in Hurricane, Sky Mountain Golf Course is a short drive from St. George. But what you lose in the 30-minute drive is more than rewarded by the stunning views of Zion National Park and the lava cliffs of the local desert. The 18-hole course will challenge players on the scorecard as well as with its scenery. The par 72 course comes in at 6,383 yards.

Contact phone number: (435) 635-7888

Website: Sky Mountain Golf


Falcon Ridge

The distinctive characteristic of water might be lacking at other desert courses, but features prominently at the Falcon Ridge Golf Course in Mesquite, Nevada. Located 45 minutes from St. George, the course is as challenging as it is rewarding, making it well worth the drive. Incorporating water, sand bunkers and stark faces of rock to test player’s mettle, the course comes in at 6,550 yards.

Contact phone number: (702) 346-6363

Website: Falcon Ridge Golf


Other area courses


With a backdrop of black lava and red rock, the private Entrada Golf Course is a beauty to behold just minutes from downtown St. George and nearly across the street from Snow Canyon State Park. Encompassing 7,085 yards, the course winds between long since cooled lava fields intertwined with red sandstone cliffs and beautifully enticing water hazards. While a challenging course, with narrow fairways and guarded greens, Entrada offers a varied terrain to help alleviate too much suffering.

Contact phone number: (435) 986-2200

Website: Entrada Golf


Sun River

Located just 15 minutes from St. George in a planned adult community, SunRiver Golf Course offers a unique experience. Set amid the desert landscape the 6,704-yard course offers a gentle beauty varying from white-sand bunkers and a central lake to the flowing red hills in the background. With a mixture of long and short holes, the course is very forgiving, offering wide fairways and an accommodating design for any level of player.

Contact phone number: (435) 986-0001

Website: Sun river golf


Bloomington Country Club

A private golf club located a few minutes from downtown St. George; Bloomington Country Club offers its members a traditional course with a moderate 6,486-yard length.

Contact phone number: (435) 673-4687

Website: Bloomington Country Club