Grocery Stores

A town without a good grocery store is a bleak place to exist. While Southwestern Utah does not currently host any trendy (and spendy) properties like Whole Foods (yet)  we do have  several excellent choices of where to procure foodstuffs.  For the visitor from other parts of the US these will seem familiar except for the absence of alcohol sales, While visitors from other parts of the world will find an easy to navigate and straightforward system of food distribution.


We currently (2019) have 2 of these stores in the region, one on the western edge of St. George and the other to the east in the town of Washington.  Good selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, a decent salad bar, in store bakery and Starbucks in the Sunset Blvd store make for a reliable and efficient shopping experience.

Sunset Blvd Albertsons 

Washington Albertsons.



Two stores in the region (St. George, and Santa Clara) Harmons is known for a wide variety of prepared and ready to go foods, Harmons also features an excellent salad bar and wide range of organic and natural food items.  This may be as close to Whole foods as we are likely to see in southwest Utah for a long time.

Harmons website link



Lins is a bit of an outlier in terms of local groceries and seems to have deep southwestern Utah roots. No salad bar, limited prepared food, and an average fresh fruit and vegetable selection make it a pretty forgettable grocery experience. Favored by large families for its selection of case lot quantities, most visitors to the area will find 24 cans of green beans to be a bit of an encumbrance, no matter how good of a deal.  3 locations in the region.

Lins Mall Drive st. George 

Lins Sunset Blvd. St. George

Lins Hurricane



Situated in the middle of town, Smiths probably has the prime location for St. George, but may be out of the way to those traveling from Las Vegas to Zion park. Good selection of fresh foods, and a decent variety of whole and organic foods, Smiths also features one of the original salad bars in the area as well as an in store Starbucks.

Smiths Bluff Street