If you are looking for live theatrical performances, or a nice inactive evening outing after a long day of outdoor adventure in southwest Utah, look no further. The Tuacahn Amphitheatre is the most popular venue for plays and musical performances in the Saint George area. This open-air, outdoor stage sits in the middle of a stunning canyon of the iconic red rock which the southwest is most known for. Just driving through Padre Canyon towards the theatre is amazing. Sandstone walls grow taller and taller around you as you approach the parking lot. The backdrop behind the stage is a wall of orange-red sandstone nearly 1,000 feet tall, and is often lit up by spotlights, adding an ambience that no other theatre can produce.

Opened in 1995, the amphitheatre has evolved to become a high school for the arts, and has grown from offering just one feature for several years to hosting four different musicals and ten other performances in the year 2018 alone. Many child-friendly musicals are performed here. In any given month there are 2-3 different shows to choose from. To name a few, they have hosted The Little Mermaid, The Prince of Egypt, Cinderella, The Newsies, and so many more.  Though the theatre is part of the high school, the musicals are performed by actors, singers, musicians and crews from all over the country. In addition to these musicals, they also feature other events, including concerts, comedy shows, bull riders and many other types of shows. Some examples are bands like The Beach Boys, Pat Benatar, Weird Al and even comedian Jay Leno.

The theatre operates mostly in the warmer months, from March-October, but a few random events still take place through the winter, including Christmas performances in December. There are usually no shows scheduled in the months of January or February. Most shows take place at night so the lighting can be controlled, and even though Saint George is part of the Mojave desert, it can still get fairly cold towards the end of these events, especially in the fall and spring seasons, so bring extra layers of clothing just in case. Concession stands are available before shows and during intermission.

Please check Tuacahn’s website¬† to see who’s coming to perform at this unbelievably scenic theatre.



*Local tips

-Tickets are cheapest on their website (link above), if purchasing tickets through another site, we highly recommend you compare them to Tuacahn’s prices first.

-With up to 2,000 spectators leaving at the same time, traffic can move slowly after a show. If you are willing to miss the final dance of a musical or the last few minutes of a show, you can beat these crowds.