Road Biking

Road biking in St. George Utah is as good as other outdoor activities like rock climbing and canyoneering. that get more recognition. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, ever improving road features designed with the roady community in mind, and ample elevation changes to challenge even the most die hard hill climber,  St. George Utah is a road bikers destination spot.

One of the joy’s of road biking lies in its simplicity.  Opening the garage door and pedaling out into the world and back is about as simple as you could ask for, and whether that means a trip to the store or up to the mountains, both are possible here. Eliminating the hassles of loading up bike racks, getting gas, dealing with traffic and parking means more time to enjoy the freedom of spinning along smooth asphalt and feeling the power of your body against gravity and terrain.

St. George offers numerous different experiences on a road bike from casual rides around town on a separate paved bike path that is not just a lane along the side of a highway, to the lung busting ascent up Snow Canyon State park, on brand new asphalt. The experiences here are so good and so diverse that several national bike tour companies have operations based here in town, and offer multi day tours complete with overnight camping, meals and a sag wagon for the hills that are just too long and steep.

Riding the bike paths in and around St. George Utah

In town bike paths

Virgin River Parkway: 7 miles of paved bike and rollerblade path that follow the course of the Virgin river from Bloomington to Washington


Snow Canyon Loop:  18 miles 1000+ feet of elevation gain. Paved bike path and portion of park road through scenic red rocks and lava flows.


Bigger undertakings


The Gunlock Loop:  50 mile loop ride with significant elevation change from the Mojave desert into the southern edge of the Great Basin and back.


The Kolob Terrace Challenge: 60+ miles with nearly 5000’ of elevation gain and loss, this is a major undertaking.