St. George Utah

Located in the far southwestern corner of the state, St. George is the largest municipality outside of the Wasatch front, and home to approximately 80,000 people.  St. George sits astride interstate 15 and is 111 miles from Las Vegas, a mere 90 minute drive to the closest International airport.  St. George built a new airport in 2009 and this offers connecting flights to many major western destinations. Salt lake city is 320 miles north on Interstate 15. This is generally a four and a half hour drive but with scenery that is untypical for interstate travel.

You live here for the outdoors.

As a hub for outdoor recreation you couldn’t ask for a better home base than St. George Utah. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, abundant elevation profiles to seek warmth in the winter and cool in the summer, huge swaths of public land to play on, and few crowds outside of Zion national park, it is the ideal place to go outside and play.  A short list of the outdoor activities that are possible here on a year round basis would be:  Rock Climbing, Hiking, Golf, Mountain Biking, ATV riding, Air Sports, Water Sports, Fishing, Canyoneering, Hunting, Zip lining, Trail Running, Road Biking, and Skateboarding.   Consider also, that an hour’s drive up I-15 offers world class sking and snowboarding at Brian Head resort in the winter along with all other type of cold activities like sledding, snowmobiling, Ice fishing, Ice climbing, and cross country sking. Thus, it  is possible to pursue winter sports while at the same time never having to wield a snow shovel or ice scraper.