Regional Lodging options

Southwestern Utah offers a wide range of lodging options with a wide range of price points to match budgets from thrifty to spendy. Many of these properties offer both in room conveniences like microwaves and refrigerators and most offer some kind of breakfast from continental to full buffets.

Which town should I stay in?

St. George
Offers the most options in number of properties, rooms, services, and dining opportunities. The sales tax and room tax rates are lower in this part of Washington county, and the variety of activities far outpace the area immediately around Zion National park. Staying in St. George makes sense if you have more on your plate than just spending your time in Zion national park, and there are other activities that are of interest.

St. George Lodging


The twin towns of Hurricane/Laverkin are within easy driving distance from both Zion national park, as well as interstate 15 but while being far enough away from both to have a sense of peacefulness.  There are several hotel/motel options along the Zion corridor with both new and more vintage properties.  Tax rates in this area are less than the Springdale area, but there are significantly fewer services and dining options available. Staying in Hurricane/Laverkin is a good idea if you want to spend a significant amount of time in the park, but also have intersts elsewhere.

Hurricane/Laverkin Lodging


Staying is the gateway town of Springdale makes great sense if your primary reason for visiting the area is to spend as much time in Zion National park as possible. There are in town shuttle busses that will provide transportation to the park visitor center, and thus to the park shuttle bus system. This reduces the number of private vehicles that need to park in the limited spaces in the canyon bottom, and allows visitors to leave their vehicles at their lodging properties. This convienance is offset by the room and sales tax rates, which are significantly higher in Springdale than anywhere else in the region.  Springdale offers a wealth of services for the traveling public, but when a need arises that is unrelated to travel or tourism, it will likely be necessary to look elsewhere.

Springdale Lodging