Outdoor Recreation

Southern Utah and especially the Southwest corner of the state, Saint George, is home to some of the best variety and quality of outdoor recreation opportunities in the whole country. There are not only a wide variety sports, including mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, etc.,.. but each of these activities also offer a vast array of trails, cliffs, canyons and wide open spaces to access in their pursuit. For example, there are not only more than a thousand bolt protected sport climbing routes around the Saint George area, but you can also climb on more than five types of rock within a 45 minute drive! The same goes for the mountain biking, road biking, hiking, camping and everything else! Click any of the links below for the most recent,  and detailed information, directions and tips on each topic, written by local guides!

Beyond the wealth of outdoor recreational opportunities that the area offers, the climate and weather patterns also play a huge role in the number of days per week available to engage in these sports. There simply isnt a week where you cant be outside getting dirty 6 ot of 7 days. It is enough to make anyone tired at the end of a week.

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