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eagle crag climbing southern utah

Eagle Crag

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Spending a day exploring the Eagle Crags trail and formation is a perfect day adventure for someone with a healthy dose of ambition. It is a beautiful hike that will visually keep you on your toes as you rise and fall in a pinyon and juniper forest offering spectacular vistas of the Virgin River and Parunaweap Canyon. Start early to watch the sunrise light up the west temple and to avoid the midday heat.

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rock climbing green valley gap

Climbing at the Green Valley Gap

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Living in Saint George just fell in my lap, but for some people, it is a planned conscious choice. Many people, like most of my fellow-guides at Paragon Adventures, moved here because it is surrounded by a wide variety of easily-accessible outdoor sports, like rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and canyoneering, to name just a few. For people like us, it is amazing how close some of these trails, canyons and cliffs are to town.

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