@ photo courtesy Wayne Harding


Skimboarding is the closest one can get to surfing in the desert. The main differences are that there are no waves, and the boards are small and flat. All you need is a calm, shallow stretch of river or stream with a safe, sandy river bottom, which is easy to find here because the Virgin River is usually very small and shallow. On average, it flows at a mere 55 cubic feet per second, so there are many spots near town that are calm enough for skimboarding. At the more popular spots, you can see people learning or doing advanced stunts, or just lounging and watching their friends ride.


For the best spots to ride, follow the link below. Scroll down the page to the Google Maps link. It features five great spots clearly marked.



Sandy Crack
765 N. Bluff St. 
Saint George, UT 84770

Sandy Crack’s Link: