Just across the Arizona border from St. George, a Little Black Mountain in the desert called to enough people over thousands of years that it became nearly covered in petroglyphs. Most of the boulders on the south side of this mountain have petroglyphs on them and the site and trail is well maintained. The dirt road can get rough but is usually fairly flat. However high-clearance, 4 wheel drive vehicles are recommended because the road here can be quickly effected by flash floods during the monsoon season (late Summer).

Little Black Mountain Petroglyphs

After surviving thousands of years of erosion, this ancient artifact was ruined in one afternoon by some anonymous visitor to Little Black Mountain.


From town take River Road south until it passes under the Southern Parkway and becomes a dirt road

From the I-15 freeway, take exit 2/Southern Parkway to the East, continue for 3.1 miles

Exit at River Road

Turn right onto River Road and it quickly becomes a dirt road as you cross into Arizona.

Both directions meet here.

Continue south on the dirt road for 0.4 miles and turn right. The turn should be marked by a wooden sign, indicating that it leads to “Little Black Mountain.” Continue on the main road here, do not veer left or right onto any of the many side roads and trails.

Follow this road for approximately 4.1 miles to the parking lot, registry box, and shaded picnic area.

Follow the gravel trail to the information plaque. From here there are two short loops to the left and right.

Little Black Mountain Petroglyphs

Little Black Mountain Petroglyphs