The Rim  Rock Trails

The Rim Rock trail system is located in Santa Clara River Preserve, and is accessed via the Cove Wash trail head and a bit of old doubletrack road that leads down into Cove Wash and then out and onto the mesa to the west.  the Rim Rocks consist of four different trails, Rim Reaper, Rim Rambler, Rim Rock, and Rim Runner.The trails offer four different length rides that are appropriate for riders from beginner to intermediate riding ability. Rim Reaper and Rim Rambler are suitable for beginners with a short advanced technical section that can easily be walked. Rim Rock and Rim Runner are intermediate rides, which provides a nice mix of challenging terrain in an isolated setting offering expansive views in 360 degrees.

The riding is on top of the shinarump layer, but unlike most of the local rides in the area that are built on this surface, there is far less exposed stone on this formation and most of the riding is on the coarse dirt and compacted sand single track with the exposed rock surface being smaller, smoother and requiring fewer technical skills than many of the other mesa top rides.  Combing this aspect with the lower angled gradient of the trails results in an excellent trail system for intermediate level riders who want to work up to rides like the Zen trail or Gooseberry Mesa.

The trail is a bit isolated from the main Barrel rolls system by about a mile of double track.  This usually offers a bit of solitude on busy weekends, and also offers a nice combination ride with Stuki springs trail for those willing to connect the two systems with a bit of old jeep road doubletrack.

Rim Reaper: 0.5 mi
Rim Rambler: 0.8 mi
Rim Rock: 3.1 mi
Rim Runner: 0.7 mi

Difficulity: Begininer to Intermediate
Kid Friendly: Yes, but hard approach
Dog Friendly: Yes
Wet Weather ride: NO
Quality: (1-5) ***



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