Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is mentioned several times in our site and there is a good reason for it: it’s good for several things. Many activities are practiced here, from rock climbing, Rappelling, and casual hiking, to a sample of Canyoneering, to name just a few.

pioneer park saint george utah

Overview of the east half of Pioneer Park

This mars-like landscape of Navajo Sandstone is near the center of town, and is easy to find. From the center of town, look north to the red cliffs, where the huge white letters that spell “Dixie” are painted. This park is commonly called “Dixie Rock” by locals. That strip of red rock over-looking downtown Saint George is a free city park that is great for a non-committing hike. There are no trails here, but it is connected to a greater network of hiking trails within the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area. Pioneer Park is perfect especially for children. There are numerous small slot canyons, caves and alcoves to explore, as well as some old pioneer structures still standing, built into the natural landscape.

Pioneer Park

This is rumored to be an old jail built into the native rock, using the existing small slot canyon as the main structure.

pioneer park st. george utah

The view of the city from here is one of the best in the area, and there is a small bridge that offers easy access to the top of the prominent “Dixie Rock” where the view is the best. Some days you can even see people rappelling or rock climbing at this fun park that serves as a playground for both the young and the “grown-up.”

Pioneer park view

Just a small piece of the great view you get on top of the Dixie Rock. The LDS temple is the large white building in the center. The mountains on the horizon are actually part of Arizona.


There are two entrances to this park off of Red Hills Parkway, between 200 East and 900 East. The west entrance has one parking lot and the east has two parking lots. If full, there are two new parking lots across the street that also overlook the city.