The Red Fort

Not so long ago,  good Indian food meant a drive to either Las Vegas or Salt Lake City. While I find the eplosive growth of the area to be troubling in many respects, one of the side benefits of living in a growing marketplace is the ever expanding number of choices that a larger population attracts.

Trips to the Wasach front, whether for business or mountain biking have always neccessitated a visit to The Bombay House for their Samosa’s, Chicken Tikki Masala, Naan, and kheer; the equal of which I had not find anywhere else I visited.  Both the Foothill drive, and Provo locations of these restaurants have become widely known for the quality of their food, as well as the loyality of their customers.

Now, relatives of the owners of the Provo property have opened up the Red Fort at the former location of Iggys sports bar on River Road. Remodled both inside and out with no hint of its former sports bar idenity, the location is probably just right for the small but thriving St. George metro area, as it is likely not more than a 15 minute drive from anywhere in the valley. The decor inside is significantly lighter, and more airy than either of the northern Utah locations which tend to have a dark and smokey feel to them. Inner walls and a unique series of celing fans not only have a feeling of authenticy but also create a sense of sanctuary and comfort which lend themselves to a great intimate but well lit dining experience.

But none of these atompheric’s would matter a bit if the food was not up to the same standard as the other locations,.. fortunately the food exceeds those admittedly high expectations. My companion and I ordered the classic vegetarian samosa’s as a appitizer which arrived about 5 minutes later with 2 glasses of a beautiful house merlot. The combination of flakey outer crust combined with the moist and savory filling is the perfect means to take the edge off of your appetite and enchant your palet with the exotic flavors and unique textures so chararastic of this type of cuisine.

With the goal of making our first expeience in this property the best possible, we inquired to one of the staff as to his recommendations for a main course. Imagine my surprise and disconcern when my go to Chicken Tikki Masala was not among his top recommendations.  Going with his suggestions we soon dug into the Lamb rogan josh, and Pineapple cocconut chicken as main courses, with basmati rice and garlic naan.  The Chicken dish was a delightful burst of immediate sweetness followed by a deep spiciness that hit a moment later at the extreme back of the throat in a one two punch that I have not experienced in that way before. Jamie took a single taste of the Lamb dish and rolled her eyes and head back in a way that made me immediately jealous. After trading forkfulls of exotic flavor we traded plates for a few bites then back again in attempt to finish the dish, which proved to be impossible.

I am always amazed at my inability to competly finish the entres at Indian restaurents, I am not sure if it is the richness, spiciness or some other innate aspect of this type of cooking, but finishing off a single plate is generally the best I can manage. The bright side of this dilema is that this type of cuisine makes for awesome leftovers for lunch the next day.  Not wanting to miss the smooth and creamy cardoman smoothness of the kheer desert we ordered it to go, and it immediately became obvious that we should have each ordered one when after a few bites we were competing for spoonfuls.

Website: The Red Fort

Phone:435 574-4050

Hours:  3pm-10pm Monday – Saturday (closed Sunday)