Wire Mesa Trail

When riding and potentially falling off a mountain bike on the vast fields of slickrock that places like Gooseberry mesa offer,  it is wise to take a measured step by step process to learning the necessary techniques.  Wire Mesa is a new trail just outside of Rockville Utah that facilitates the first step in that process.  7 miles of purpose built single track trail wind along the rim and dive into the junipers on the top of a relatively flat but intensely scenic mesa.  The riding is rated intermediate, mostly due to the small and short sections of stone that pop up in the middle of the groomed dirt. These offer a nice progression of skill building and confidence in riding a surface on two wheels at the top of a cliff with the work “slick” in it.

Riding this trail in either direction is common so be ready to meet other riders going against your grain, doing it in one direction and then the other yields a nice 15 mile ride with little in the way of elevation gain one way or the other.

Wire mesa trail Rockville Utah

view of the finish of the wire mesa ride

Wet weather considerations
With a dirt surface at an elevation where snow is possible this trail could easily become a muddy and grooved mess when ridden wet.  Choose a lower elevation ride when these conditions are present.

Another year round ride with early mornings in the summer and afternoons in the winter offering good temperatures. Spring wild flowers and fall colors in May and November respectively.

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Difficulty:  Beginner to Intermediate
Kid Friendly: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Wet Weather ride: NO                                             
% Singletrack: 100
Quality: ****  (1-5)

Wire Mesa Utah

View of the formations below Wire Mesa Utah