The Southern Parkway Trail system:

This growing system of mountain bike trails is on private property and is part of the Desert Canyons development just to the south of the new St. George Regional airport. These trails are open to the public and are a mutiple use hiking/biking trail. Developed in cooperation with the Dixie Mountain Bike trails association, this area of St. George will explosively grow in the coming years and hopefully a major feature of the housing developments will be a network of trails open to the general public.

The terrain of this part of the region is very suitable to begininer to intermediate level rides and the established trail system is solidly in this realm, with the 3 trails and connectors offering around 8-10 miles of riding. The soils in this area of the county vary from coarse well drained minerals to sticky clay so wet weather riding is possible with discression.  The views in this part of the region are wide open to the horizion in every direction, however eventually this will also encompass the vast new housing tracts that are slated for development in the coming decade.

Current trails are:

Pushing Tin loop: 2 miles

Secret Sauce Loop: 3 miles

Claim Jumper: 3 miles 

Difficulity: Begininer to Intermediate

Kid Friendly: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Wet Weathere ride:   Qualified Yes

% Single Track: 95%

Quality (1-5) ***



Mountain Bike Project

Utah Mountain

Secret Sauce Trailhead link