The Barrel Roll Trail

As the first trail completed in the Santa Clara River reserve, the Barrel roll trail is the centerpiece trail around which much of the rest of the system is designed around.  This trail is difficult to catagorize as it varies from rock garden tech, to swoopy flow over the course of a few hundred yards, but in general is a fast cross country ride with a fair amount of elevation gain/loss over a course grained fast drying surface, punctuated with technical rock sections that require a good combination of power and endurance.  Ridable in either direction, the most common way is clockwise, but with the “Elusion” connector trail, a figure 8 ride is also possible and a good choice.

Distance: 6 mile loop

The trailhead:
Heading West In Santa Clara there is a bridge located at Gates lane, 200 ft. before the Jacob Hamblin House. Head south over the bridge, Once over the river follow this road & take a left of the paved road onto the dirt road that goes uphill. It is recommended that your vehicle has high clearance on this dirt road. You’ll head up the road towards a water tank, and then past it to the parking lot that is obvious.

Difficulty:  Intermediate to Advanced
Kid friendly: No, unless kid can maneuver bike over technical rock sections
Dogs: Yes
Wet weather ride:  Yes
Single-track:  100%
Quality: **** (1-5 stars)

Google Maps Cove Wash Parking Lot:,+Ivins,+UT+84738/@37.1215294,-113.6783507,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80ca414def86497d:0xb9d3ffca8a895e96!8m2!3d37.1222302!4d-113.680885

santa clara river reserve

the technical rim section of the barrel rolls trail



Mountain Bike Project: 

Utah Mountain

barrel rolls trail santa clara

winter riding on the barrel rolls trail

The Ideal time to ride this trail is spring. This terrain is covered with a variety of cactus. In the spring time these plants are in full bloom, giving you beautiful bursts of color throughout the experience of your ride. There is no shade. Early mornings are recommended to beat the heat.  Winter afternoons often offer perfect conditions and snowy mountain vistas as a bonus

Flora and Fauna:
The most common plants you will see are the cholla, barrel cactus, and prickly pear. When in full bloom these cactus bring a beauty of color to the desolate desert. It is also not uncommon to see wildlife such as coyote’s, rabbits, or snakes around this area.