Paradise Canyon Trail system

A Quick Hit

There are days when you want to get in a ride but either don’t have a lot of time, nor the stomach or legs for an epic.  The Paradise Loop trail is a quick 3 mile loop, which many locals ride either before or after work, and sometimes during lunch when it isn’t 100 degrees out.  If 3 miles isnt enough there are a couple of loops that when ridden as a figure 8 allow more mileage, but also feature a short sand pit where the trail crosses halfway wash.

Red Cliffs Desert Conservation Area

Paradise Canyon is within the Red Cliffs desert conservation area and as it designated as the lowland zone remaining on the trail is mandatory.  This area is close to town and the management has not tolerated new / outlaw trail construction. Abiding by both these restrictions will keep us in good graces with the land managers and demonstrate our desire to be good stewards of the landscapes we ride in. One aspect of this trail system that is somewhat unusual for regional trails is the amount of non biking traffic that these trails receive.  It is not unusual to see walkers, hikers, climbers, (and their dogs) horseback riders, and trail runners all using the same area at the same time.

The Trail

The riding is a combination of dirt/rock single track with large sections of red slick rock to tie it all together.  Riding is good in either direction, and the trail system offers several access points that permit various riding opportunities. There is a pit of soft sand that will require a short push between the Chuckawalla trail and the Turtle Wall route up Beck Hill

Wildlife: Summer mornings would feature the chance of running into any of the several species of rattlesnakes that inhabit the area, but as there is limited vegetation for the snakes to conceal themselves in this generally isnt a problem.  Desert tortoises do inhabit the area and are frequently spotted in the spring and early summer.  Do not touch or otherwise molest these threatened species.

Red rock at the paradise trail

slick rock at the Paradise trail

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