Kentucky Lucky Chicken

This is one of the more unique trails in the area, and offers 3.8 miles of nearly constant technical rock riding around the top of a small mesa on the southeastern edge of the city. This trail was designed and built by the Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Association, in co-operation with the city of St. George.

The riding on the Chicken is one of constant technical rock challenges that lend themselves to an aggressive riding style, which means that the 4 miles will seem longer. The ride is great in either direction, with the clockwise choice seeming to feature a shorter climb to the towers, but with a higher density of rock obstacles and fewer breaks between the obstacles. This direction also means that the switchback section with cliff edge exposure is less spooky than riding it as a downhill, where it would be pretty easy to misjudge the turn and tumble down the rocky cliff.  Continuing the ride in the clockwise direction the trail after the radio towers is mostly downhill or flatish, with plenty of rock work and great views of the south side of St. George and Bloomington with the red cliffs and Pine Valley mountains in the background.

This trail is great for a winter afternoon ride where you dont have a ton of time, but still want to get in some legwork.

Wet Weather Notes: As with most trails that lie on top of the Shinarump layer this trail makes for a decent ride when wet and as it is along a slanted mesa (like the Zen) it drains quickly.

Trail head: The parking for the trailhead is technically at the end of a very rough and steep dirt road, and there is space for about 10 vehicles. High clearance would be necessary at a minimum and possiblly 4WD. There is also a lower parking area at the very end of the pavement for vehicles with low clearance, and the 1/4 mile climb up the gravel road makes for a great warmup.

Difficulty:  upper Intermediate to Advanced
Kid Friendly: No
Dogs: Yes
Wet Weather ride: YES                                                                                    
 % Singletrack: 100%
Quality: (1-5 stars)****

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