Hot Air Ballooning

People travel from all over the world to see southern Utah, and for many different reasons. But whether you are a mountain biker, runner, rock climber or golfer, chances are that one of the main reasons you come here is the view. All of these activities we do here are enhanced by a nearly-unreal landscape of desert geology and nearby forests. Now try to imagine slowly rising above that landscape and seeing it all from a different angle of approximately three thousand feet above the desert floor. The slow rise of a balloon is unlike any other kind of flying. Add to this setting, the orange and pink glow of a desert sunrise. Watch the incredible cliffs, canyons and plateaus of the Saint George area sink below you as you experience the exposure of your ascent.

Skywalker Balloon Company offers just such an experience right here in Saint George Utah, less than an hour drive from Zion National Park. They offer hour long flights for anywhere from two to ten people year round, as well as private guided/custom tailored flights. All flights offer you the chance to help with the set-up of the balloon and include a small after flight drink celebration. They have several different pick-up points to meet you at for your convenience.

Website: Sky Walker balloon rides

Phone number: (866) 366-8824

Days/Hours of operation:

By-appointment only.

Rides are available all year around, dependant on weather.

Usually launch around sunrise, depending on temperature/time of year.