Twisted Noodle Cafe


The Twisted Noodle Cafe’s atmosphere is modern with bright purple and lime green walls and today’s hits playing in the background. However effusive this may sound, the lack of customers eases the atmosphere. The TNC is somewhat discretely positioned between downtown buildings which gives it a bit of a hidden gem type of atmosphere, and often makes it feel less crowded than a more prominent location on the main drag.  The TNC’s food is known for being healthy with fresh ingredients and less caloric options. So instead of rice you can have quinoa, instead of bread, a lettuce wrap, instead of a greasy fat double whopper burrito you can get a turkey burger patty. They offer salads, pastas, burgers, flatbreads, wraps, and bowls. In addition, the Twisted Noodle specializes in vegetarian, vegan, and paleo options, none of which make the smallest sacrifice of flavor over dietary agenda. They even have a selection of baked goods, like lime bars and cookie bars. Leaving the TNC will not have you feeling like a vial banana slug in need of a nap but rather vibrant and full of energy.

*Side Note: Starting in approximately July of 2016, the Twisted Noodle will begin serving beer and wine as well!


Monday-Saturday, 11am-8pm




Phone Number:

(435) 628-9889



20 N Main Street

Saint George, UT  84770



-From the corner of Saint George Blvd. & Main St. (the center of Saint George), head south on Main St.

-Turn left at the round-about onto Tabernacle St.

-Turn left into the parking garage and find parking.

-walk immediately west of the parking garage (if you are on the sidewalk of Tabernacle St. then you will look to your right for the cafe.)



Here are some Yelp reviews:

“Looking for Gluten Free food while on road trip. Found this place.   It was so good.  Fresh healthy food.  Such a contrast to what you usually find off the I-15.   Quinoa bowl was good.  Others in the group had GF pasta.    Desert looked good but didn’t try it.  Will be back next time past thru town.”

“We eat here about once a week. It is wonderful. Great tasty and healthy food. I have tried most things on the menu and have never had a bad one. I recommend it highly any time of the day.”