Garden Buffet

As an avid outdoorsman and a father I have found buffets to have a significant advantage over all other types of restaurants. As a professional outdoor guide, I probably burn more calories than I can consume on my busy days, so eating as much food as possible is a no-brainer. As a father, buffets are awesome because there is no long wait time, no need for crayons and paper to entertain kids while you decide and argue with them over what they’re going to eat. Also they can’t order the wrong thing by mistake because they have a plethora of different foods to choose from and can try a little bit of everything. I’ve tried nearly every buffet in the Saint George area and Garden Buffet is currently our favorite in my family.




Service at a buffet is fairly simple. Our experiences here have always been that we are greeted promptly with a smile and seated immediately. I have never waited more than 10 seconds to be greeted here and have always been seated immediately. Encounters with the servers are brief and limited to asking you what you want to drink, how old your kids are, if you are done with your plate, need a refill on your drink, or if you are ready for your check. Always friendly.



They offer not only Asian food but also small amounts of American food, Sushi rolls and dessert, but  also a Mongolian style BBQ. If you have never tried a Mongolian style BBQ then turn off your computer and go right now(But only AFTER you book a trip to Saint George and an adventure with Paragon). You will find a line of cold food including noodles, vegetables, meats and even pineapple for us weirdos who think pineapple goes well on everything. Load up your plate or bowl with whatever you desire, add spices and sauces and leave it for the chef to grill up. There’s a large flat steel table which they heat up and stir the food back and forth across for a few minutes until it is piping hot. Leave a tip and enjoy.

To name a few of the Asian foods offered here, they usually have Honey chicken, black pepper chicken, beef and broccolli, the best baby bok choy in town, Tarot buns, baked crab, clams, baked salmon, breaded and fried shrimp, Sushi rolls and much more.

Desserts range from fresh fruit to tiny cakes, jello and some awesome banana and whipped cream dish.


***Food Tip:

One issue some people have with buffets is their concern that the food sits out for some time. I have never seen this issue with this place. The food is always warm and fresh. However, when a buffet is busier, the food is cooked and replenished more frequently, and thus, is more fresh.



Beverages offered here are pretty standard. Water, soda, tea, lemonade. No alcoholic beverages.



987 South Bluff St.

Saint George, UT 84770


Phone number:

(435) 634-0288



11am-9:30pm, 7 Days a week