Bella Marie’s Pizzeria

Finding good Italian food in the southwest can be tricky. In Saint George, Utah, Bella Marie’s Pizzeria can help fill the void. This small, friendly, family-owned-and-operated restaurant has nice, fast customer service and great Italian food for the price. They are also just a five minute drive from the center of town. Their specialty is pizza but their pasta and chicken dishes are very worth it!


After three visits here, I have always been immediately greeted by a friendly server. When they are slow, I have even been offered to choose my own seat, which I appreciate. Upon my first visit here we were approached by the owner after being seated. Marie was very nice and talked to my wife and I about her ingredient choices. She chooses all gluten-free ingredients for their dough, and her husband  hand-tosses it himself in plain view of the customers in their open kitchen environment. (You can see the oven right behind the cash register.) The three different servers I have met have been very friendly and helpful, giving us plenty of attention. Their cooking time is actually quite impressive. I have never waited longer than fifteen minutes for a hot, fresh meal.


Locals have voted this place the best pizza in Saint George, and I can see why. Using quality ingredients has paid off and has given their pizza a healthy, fresh taste. They have a small pizza menu which offers their specialty pizzas, or to build your own. Their pizzas range from $5 for a kids’ size with two toppings, to a large, thick-crust Sicilian style for under $20. By lunch time, they have pizza-by-the-slice, which big city pizza fans are familiar with. My only let-down in their pizza department is that they only offer one kind of Sicilian thick-crust style pizza by-the-slice. Their other pizzas have a thinner crust and they offer some delicious selections. I highly recommend this place for pizza!

Pastas and Chicken Meals:

For a place that boasts the best pizza in town, their pasta meals are actually to-die-for! Twice now I have ordered the Chicken Parmesean and both times I was blown away. This dish, as prepared by Bella Marie’s, can stand up against any big city Italian restaurant. Being from L.A., I have tried this dish at many different places claiming to cook “authentic Italian food” and I would choose Bella Marie’s over them all. It is the best I have ever had. The chicken fillet was not the typical dry, over-cooked chicken that is so-often served elsewhere, with the once-crusty breading that becomes soggy before even served to you. Unlike this norm, Bella Marie’s chicken was still crispy on the outside, while soft and deliciously moist on the inside. Their pasta was cooked perfectly and the homemade sauce was excellent.


Their salad menu, though small, features some good classic choices. Unfortunately, as with many places, they do not slice their salad ingredients small enough for “bite size,” leaving me to do the work, but it at least lets me know they were not diced days ago and left to sit.


They are lacking a bit in the drink department. They have a typical, small selection of Coke products on tap and that is all.


The small selection of indoor and outdoor seating is nice and quaint, and features good music (not just local radio stations). Local students’ art is exhibited all over the walls. This place has a small, homely feel to it, and is kept very clean.


Bella Marie’s Pizzeria is located at
1487 S. Silicon Way, Saint George, UT 84770
It can be easily seen and reached off of the major street, Dixie Drive, in west Saint George, on the west side of the street.


Open Monday-Thursday from 11am-9pm
and Friday-Saturday from 11am-10pm
Phone number:
(435) 628-3336