Ah’Sya Vietnamese Cuisine

Yes, it was once true that the restaurant choices in Saint George were limited, but I continue to brag to our visitors here that it is changing fast. Ah’Sya is proof of that. Genuine Vietnamese cuisine is available here and it is DELICIOUS!


This is a small, casual restaurant with fair service. They are prompt to ask you if you are ready to order and will come back as many times as necessary until you decide. They are also very helpful in helping you navigate their simple menu. (I needed this help, as I had never had Vietnamese food before coming here). The reason I say the service is just “fair,” is the man who seems to never smile and the other man who seems to speak no English at all. Also, a few other people have told me bad things about the service here. I have eaten here twice and have not had bad service yet. I also do not demand smiles from everyone. The attitude shows that they are grateful for our business, and, for me, that’s enough.


The menu here can be daunting if you are not used to Vietnamese food but it is actually fairly simple. The meals are categorized into salads, soups, rice meals, vermicelli noodle meals, vegetarian meals, and woven vermicelli noodle meals. Each meal comes with different meat. The common meats available for these meals are Pork, Beef, Chicken or Shrimp, and different combinations of two or three together. One less-common meat choice they had in some meals was tendon. I have started to become accustomed to the concept of mixing more than one type of meat within a dish and I like it. The combination of Pork, Shrimp and chopped spring rolls(made of shrimp, mushrooms and vegetables) in a big bowl of Vermicelli noodles with cabbage, sprouts and fish sauce is amazing! The fish sauce is to-die-for! I have tried the cabbage salad with chicken as well and it is excellent. The one disappointing thing about this food is that I heard Vietnamese food can be very spicy. I asked the server to spice it up and he said the only spice they could add was the bottle of generic Sriracha sauce on the table. I couldn’t bare to put that in my awesome meal. Overall, I give the food here a 4 out of five.


Besides the common sodas and lemonades, this restaurant has a good selection of teas which I have yet to try. No beer or wine is available here.


There are several booths and chair tables with an approximate maximum capacity of 72 people inside. There are also 5-4 tables outside in the shade.


929 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite 1A

Saint George, UT 84770

Ah’Sya is located in west Saint George, on the southwest corner of Valley View Drive and Sunset Boulevard. This is a pretty major intersection, making this restaurant easy to find. It is in the strip mall, and is the closest business to Sunset Blvd. It is small and quaint, with mostly pictures of their meals on the walls. Also, I have yet to hear them playing music. It is nice and quiet, unlike some places that feel the need to play television and music.


Open Monday-Saturday, 11AM-8:30PM

Closed Sundays


(435) 627-1272

No website available