Bombay Cafe

This small restaurant is incredible! Not only is the food delicious, authentic and affordable, but they also have some of the best customer service in Saint George. Take a break from the average burgers, steaks, and pastas that can be found at nearly every restaurant and try the only Indian food in town. It’s not just spicy vegan food. The meals here are mostly chicken or vegetarian, and you choose your level of spice.



Outstanding! The service here is truly one of the best in town. They were nice and friendly. This is the type of place where you order at the register and then choose your seating, which I sometimes prefer. In this case it was perfect because, having never eaten Indian food, I was able to bypass the awkward five minutes of reading a menu that I didn’t quite understand and walk right up to the cashier and ask the cashier and his wife what they recommended. They were extremely nice and welcoming, and didn’t seem to mind talking to my wife and I for a few minutes about their dishes. In fact, they seemed genuinely interested in meeting us. The wait for the food was not long. Shortly after it was served, the man came out to ask us how everything was. I love when they do that! The service alone is reason enough to try this place out.



The menu is sweet and simple. It consists of a 4-5 chicken curry meals, several vegetarian meals, 2 lamb meals and, of course, several appetizers, most of which are deep fried. All of the meals are served with Basmati rice, a small side of green yogurt sauce, a vegetable relish and a piece of fresh Naan bread. You can choose either normal or garlic flavored bread. All meals are offered in a spicy level of mild, medium, or hot.

I had the Chicken Vindalo, which is basically bite-sized chicken cubes cooked with vegetables in a curry sauce. My wife had the Chicken Coconut Curry, which is nearly the same plate, only hers had fewer vegetables and came cooked in a coconut curry sauce. We ordered ours “hot.” For me, this is a big determining factor as to how often I frequent a place. Some restaurants have amazing food, but when I challenge them to make my food extra spicy, they can rarely please me, as they either don’t have anything that is truly spicy, or they are afraid to add enough spice in fear that I may not be able to handle it. Bombay Cafe got it very close to perfect. My main course was insanely good! Everything was cooked just right. The potatoes were NOT overcooked to a mush, as they are in so many other restaurants. The Basmati rice is great. Better than white rice or Spanish rice. The yogurt sauce and vegetable relish seem to tone down the burn of the spiciness, but they are great sides even by themselves. As far as my wife’s coconut curry chicken, it was equally amazing. I rarely enjoy anything with coconut in it but it was excellent! I would go so far as to say I would order it for myself someday. The Naan bread tasted fresh and perfectly baked. The garlic flavor was clearly made with real garlic and not from garlic powder. We literally cleaned our plates, wiping up the last bits of curry with the bread. I could have eaten two full meals, but I’m kind of a pig. We also shared the Eggplant Pakora: eggplant slices deep fried in a chick pea breading, served with a tamarind sauce. This was REALLY good! That is saying a lot too, as I don’t ever like eggplant. The food here is now a favorite of ours. To top it off, I have heard from two people from India who both assured me that the food here is authentic and excellent.



This is one area where they actually have room for improvement. Other than their Mango Lasi, which we did not try, they have only a soda machine, bottled water, and a few bottled drinks available.



The small dive has roughly a dozen indoor tables. There is a television playing Indian shows, and a small rack of Indian clothes for sale. It is sweet and simple, not too overbearing with foreign decorations. Just the right amount.


Location/Contact info:


Bombay Cafe

57 North 700 East

St. George, UT 84770


(435) 673-8888


Lunch Hours:

Monday-Friday  11:00am-2:30pm

Saturday  11:30am-3:00pm


Dinner Hours:

Monday-Wednesday  5:00pm-8:00pm

Thursday-Saturday  5:00pm-9:00pm