Massage Jody


There are probably less than 50 days out of any given year that I don’t have a pack on my back at some point during the course of a normal day. As adventure guides we are often as much beast of burden as inspiring and patient instructors, and grabbing the business end of an 80 pound zip line and running up a hill with it is going to put a hitch in your step, and a knot or two in your back. Getting those knots removed is where a good massage therapist is worth his weight in gold.

I have sampled many of the various modalities, along with the wide range of local therapists that offer them. From the brutality of a Thai massage that feels as if I am in a wrestling match, … and losing, to a massage where you aren’t actually touched by anything more tactile than the therapists energy field, the variety of massages that are out there is wide indeed. I had one massage where I was covered in salt and wrapped in a wet towel like a piece of salted pork, and yet another where I am completely sure that a bolt of lightning shot out of my toe when a stubborn knot finally released.  I eventually realized that what I was looking for was a sports massage where the therapist would focus on the specific parts of my body that were in desperate need of relief.

I found Jody Wright working at the Green Valley spa in 2001, and knew within 10 minutes that I was in good hands. As climbers we often find our bodies in weirdly strenuous positions that many of our joints aren’t designed for, and at the time I was having some intense problems with my shoulder as a result of a torn pectoral muscle. Unlike many therapists Jody would spend time asking exactly where my problem areas were and once he zeroed-in on the issue was relentless in the pursuit of its relief. This was in stark contrast to all the previous therapists who would work on the problem area for a while and then feel compelled to attend to areas that were completely unrelated, sort of like they got bored.  In a series of massages using various modalities from stretching to hot stones, Jody transformed my shoulder from nearly useless to functional, and though this process was not without pain itself, it probably saved me from an ill-advised surgery.

Since those early sessions I have tried to think of massage therapy with Jody as the bodily equivalent of a tune up that prevents major mechanical breakdown, I try to go in monthly to get what feels like a bag of marbles removed from between my shoulder blades.

Jody has been working in Utah as a licensed massage therapist since 1995. He has worked for destination spas, professional athletes and Cirque du Soleil performers. Jody has taught in multiple massage schools and offered continuing education to established massage therapists.  His office is located in St George, Utah. He also travels for outcall massage treatments at home/hotel throughout Utah. He can be found on the web at  Do yourself a favor and schedule a session with him, you will not be disappointed, and your body will thank you for it.