The Desert Rides

mountain biking stuki springs

riding stuki springs in the spring

Down in the Mojave desert that surrounds the town of St. George, the most difficult aspect of mountain biking is choosing from among so many possible trail options and types of riding;  cross country or technical, single track or slick rock, downhill romps or miles of climbing.

Many rides are so close to town that you don’t have time to finish a cup of coffee before you find yourself at the trail head. The riding down here in the desert is truly year round, with summer mornings offering 70-80 degree temps, and winter afternoons often in the 60’s.

Desert Rides include

  • Bear Claw Poppy / Stuki Springs trail
  • The Zen Trail
  • The Barrel Trail / Green Valley Race course
  • Santa Clara River Reserve Trail system
  • Prospector / Church Rocks trail system
  • Paradise canyon trails
  • Red Cliffs Parkway trail system
  • Pushing tin trail
  • Babylon trails
  • Rhythm and Blues and Quail lake trail
  • Broken Mesa Rim trail system
  • Kentucky Lucky Chicken trail