Saint George Street Fest

On the first Friday of every warm month here in Saint George, Utah, the relatively slow and quiet downtown district hosts two separate FREE street festivals: the kid-friendly George Streetfest and the 21-and-older Jazz Garden.

The George Streetfest features live music, dancing, food vendors and fun activities for kids as well as adults.

The Jazz Garden is for adults 21 years of age and up. That is because adult beverages are available. Yes, there are events in Utah where you can drink a moderate amount of alcoholic drinks in public. This is one of them. The Jazz Garden festival also features live music and food vendors in a comfortable outdoor setting surrounded by historic downtown shops and restaurants with plenty of seating among a well-maintained garden.

Both of these FREE outdoor events run from 6-10pm on the first Friday night of every month, excluding the winter months, when you wouldn’t want to be outside at night anyway.

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